Pure Water
It has been over 3 years since we have been our water treatment system installed. Let me just say it was a great decision and we have enjoyed great water ever since. We had a water treatment system for softening the water before but we brought salt by the truckload to keep it going. It also had an iron remover but I not sure it worked much at all. In one day, AAA Aqua came in and put in a new iron remover, water softer and a Reverse Osmosis System for the drinking water. Well, the world of water changed in our home. The drinking water is far better than City water. Before we used bottled water because of the sulfur and iron taste. Also the amount of salt we now use is a fraction of what is was before and the water is not hard or overly soft but how you want it. Victor is a quality person and I would recommend AAA Aqua to anyone who wants a quality water system. Thankful. Floyd P. form Narol, MB

Very happy!
Soon after purchasing our new home about two and a half years ago, I learned from a water softening company how to use the water softener that came with the home. It seemed to work okay for a couple of months, but then we were losing our soft water, and all this time we had a terrible smell in the water. I called the company back about a year later, and they came and said that everything was working and they didn’t know why I still had hard water stains, smelly water, etc. Finally, about 9 months later I called this company, AAA AQUA, to ask for a second opinion. Victor came the VERY NEXT DAY to check out our system, and within the week he had us hooked up with a whole new filtration / water softening / and RO system. Since then, we have had great, soft water, which I know is safe for us to drink and use in all our appliances. Victor went above and beyond in giving tips on how to clean the hard water stains from the appliances and faucets, and even helping clean up some of it. He was very helpful, fast, and professional. I would recommend his service to anyone looking for a good company to take care of their water. Trina P. from West St Paul, MB

Kool Clean Fresh Water
We would like to take a moment to say thank-you to Victor and his crew, Victor custom built an amazing water filtration system for us. Our water quality was hard, had extremely high iron content, lacked oxygen and smelled really bad (sulfur). Victor was very informative and made follow-up visits on several occasions to ensure we were happy with our system and make the necessary adjustments if needed. in addition, he provided us with chemicals to clear up the rusty coloured toilet tank and bowl. To say the least we are very satisfied with our purchase highly recommend AAA AQUA. Penny T. from East St Paul, MB

Just want to take a minute to say how absolutely ecstatic we are about our water system. Victor DEFINITELY knows his water and builds your water system according to your specific water needs, unlike the other companies I interviewed.
Since our new water system was installed, I can wash dishes and let them drip dry and there are NO water stains, it’s incredible because the water here was extremely hard. so hard that within 24 hours our furnace humidifier would clog up from the calcium build up and burn the electric motor. Now, when I open up the dish washer, I almost have to put sun glasses on from the shinny glare coming off the dishes. Even the taps in the bathroom and shower are always shining. My son asked if we had gotten new taps for the shower. Gone are the days of water stains Yayyyyyy!
Don’t settle for something off a factory belt, get AAA AQUA to come build you one. You will NOT regret it. Even the RO water. we could never use the fridge for ice or water, now we have an endless flow of crystal clear awesome drinking water. There are no government regulations on water systems so anyone can sell you anything, it doesn’t even have to work. it’s up to you to do your homework. I’m really glad I did mine. Thanks Victor! Gisele J. from St Andrews, MB

Absolutely the best value
Best money I ever spent in my life! Outstanding service and great results! Absolutely no more odor and no more rust in my crystal clear water. I always recommend AAA AQUA to all my family, friends and neighbors. Peter P. from Oakbank, MB

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