Guardian 3+ iron / rust water filter

Chemical Free Iron, Sulphur and Manganese Reduction

Guardian 3+ filter systems reduce extreme Sulphur odour and Iron, commonly associated with problem well water.

Aqua Pro 400s drinking water system

4-Stage Reverse Osmosis Filter pack with 75-150 GPD membrane.

Removes Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead and Mercury; Radium 226 / 228 Selenium, Cysts, Chlorine, Salts, Turbidity and more.

Aqua Soft 5000s water softener

Salt saving technology up to 50% over conventional water softeners

This water softeners are meter initiated and are available in conventional co-current regeneration or a more efficient counter-current regeneration version.

UV sterilization and sanitizing systems

Chemical free UV purification systems, 10-50 GPM.

Be confident and secure about the quality of your drinking water. NSF certified class A.

About us

AAA AQUA serves as a Manitoba local full-service water treatment company for over 15 years. We provide the best water treatment service, knowledge, skills and reliability at a fair price. Proudly serving Manitoba and Greater Winnipeg area.

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We specialize in Drinking Water Systems‎, Water Softeners, Water Purification and Conditioning Equipment‎, Whole House RO Treatment as well as Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide and Odour Filters.‎ We do residential, commercial and municipal water treatment.

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AAA AQUA uses quality and eco-smart products to ensure your family is protected for years to come. We will help you choose the best type of water treatment solution to meet your needs.

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